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The Chronicles of “Silk Road-2011”. Step 5. MAZ doesn’t give up

The longest special stage of almost 700 kilometers of was almost proved fatal for crew № 328: team’s leader pilot Alexander Vasilevsky for 150 km to the finish “laid down” MAZ-5309RR to the side. 





Landed softly. No one except the car was not injured. MAZ-5309RR escaped with minor injuries: plastic was scratched on the left side, windscreen was broken, bent its desk and left door, and there are dents on the roof. When MAZ have put on the wheels, it wound up and drove with no problems! But small problems still appeared. So after a couple of kilometers crew decided to stop and fix all the faults. The result — minus an hour.


However, because of the high rate, which supported the crew before the accident, as a result — Belarusian team lost not so much: now the crew № 328 located on the 27th place of the tournament table.

Official information:

The leaders completed their first day and in the car offset the best time showed the Frenchman Stephan Petransel (Mini), he walked around Russian Vladimir Vasil’ev for 1 minute 18 seconds. In the freight offset the best time has Airat Mardeev (“KAMAZ-Master”), for 1 minute 42 seconds better than Dutchman Hans Stacy (Iveco). 

In the menu of the sixth stage of the rally “Silk Road — 2011” two special section with total length of 168 kilometers. The rally participants came on the road in 8 hours 5 minutes.


Pavel Kozlovsky.
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