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The Chronicles of “Silk Road-2011”. Step 4. Battle is continuing

     The main team car “MAZ-SPORTauto” numbered 328 passed the 4th stage of the “Silk Road” without losses: hard roads of Astrakhan our “MAZ-5309RR” overcame quickly and without problems.

       By new Belorussian motorsport tradition at 21:00 crew №328 was for a long time in the camp, and newcomers on the vehicle №333 were somewhere on the road. Yesterday, besides the usual service mechanics involved to the cooling system of vehicle — hydraulic clutch of the fan was broke down on both vehicles. Per night the problem was solved, but in the morning when the vehicle went to a gas station, problem manifested itself again. It was made again, but at the start guys originally went in the walking pace — obviously, the problem manifested itself again, and the crew decided to arrive with new motor.

       So now the mechanics are serving the “first” car. As for the speed, according to the crew, today they were going pretty fast, but results are not greatly changed – “MAZ-5309RR” is on the 20th line of the final protocol under Alexandr Vasilevsky pilotage.

       As at the “Dakar”!

       Organizers warned the participants that the 4th sandy stage will not be easy. And they were right! The winner of this phase Stefan Petrhansel took almost 6 hours to pass a 400-kilometer distance of a special area! At the end, the Frenchman walked around the overall leader Kshishtof Holoschitsa and Russian Alexandr Zheludev. Thanks to the technical problems that occurred with the vehicle of another Russian Alexander Mironenko, he was able to take the second position in the sum of phases, yielding to his Polish team-mate more than two hours. 

       In the load offset Czech Ales Loprays gave the victory to himself in the stage. He walked around Firdaus Kabirov for 14 minutes 46 seconds. And, nevertheless, the pilot of “KAMAZ-Master” team continues to lead with a big advantage more than 45 minutes on the amount of steps.

     Pavel Kozlovsky.
     ABW.BY (Information partner of «МAZ-SPORTauto» team)