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The Chronicles of “Silk Road-2011”. Step 3. Technical difficulties

Yesterday caravan “Silk Road” traveled from Volgograd to Astrakhan. Black earth of Lipetsk and sand dunes of Volgograd replaced by steppes of Kalmykia, so yesterday that area was very fast.






     But the main thing — MAZ go for real! “Today, it is felt that the pilot involved” – said pilot Valeriy Kozlovsky. “Rotations were held in drift, and we didn’t slow down on trampolines, so today we drove like “combat” vehicle should be go. There were many overtakes.”

     Unfortunately, this pace has affected to the vehicle state — the crew had to stop because of the rumble in the rear suspension. As a result, repairing was about half an hour, and then, without the shock absorber, the pace had to be drastically reduced. The main task of the Belarusian team — to get there, so in a quiet rhythm the crew № 328 “rode” to the finish. And kept his 21th place. In the camp mechanics already began dismantle the vehicle to complete the repairing until the morning.

     The second the crew, № 333 hadn’t appeared to the camp yet. According to the photographers from the road, approximately on the first third special stage they had problems with the transmission – four-wheel drive didn’t switch on. 


      Pavel Kozlovskiy
      ABW.BY (Informational partner MAZ team “MAZ-SPORTauto”)

       Step 3: the first — Holovchits and Mardeev Jr.
A good surprise in the 3rd step gave young pilot from “Kamaz-master” Airat Mardeev, the son of Ilgizar Mardeev. He showed the result of 6 minutes, 14 seconds better than his older teammate titled “KAMAZ-Master” Firdaus Kabirov.