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Home News 2011 7 Chronicle of “Silk way- 2011”. Official finish in Red Meadow, in Sochi.

Chronicle of “Silk way- 2011”. Official finish in Red Meadow, in Sochi.

Days-long rally “Silk way 2011 has terminated, its participants have run one-week route “Moscow-Sochi”. True, that not everybody have overcome it, only more then one third of participants among 135 crews acquired this right .

As we narrated in previous reportage, the last professional area was canceled by organizers. Therefore today the only one trial for participants became a road from Maykop to Sochi. Nevertheless, it turns out that it is horrible traffic on serpentine. On any up grade lines up a huge column behind the trucks and in population aggregates forms a big line.

In the view of horrible heat, this way turned as serious trial on endurance and patience for participants. Because the violations were forbidden. Participants were informed the day before about stern speed control yesterday in Astrakhan. There is a rumour, that it was connected with serious accident of rally vehicle of maintenance operation, it pulled into opposite way. For this reason in Astrakhan briefing participants were advised beforehand about the stern punishment for speed violations. But not everybody believed in this.

       “We warn about speed control but not everybody took it seriously and a list of roadhogers will be announced and they will suffer punishment-for assistance vehicle -pecuniary fee, for vehicles-participants- pecuniary and time fee(1 hour plus time result” – as was narrated in Maykop briefing. Firdaus Kabirov is included in this list, pecuniary time is not a problem at all for him, but additional list is a disaster! That is enough for Laypras on “Tarta”. For “KAMAZ” it is very bad news, firstly its technical problems and secondly its legend pilot is moved to second place.

       On the basis, this “Silk way” will recall participants and its fandom for a long time! Our team have finished with good result! That means, that preparation for Dakar realizes at full amount: pilots are training and vehicles are getting faster! All runs to the plan!

       Pavel Kozlovskiy
       ABW.BY (Informational partner MAZ team “MAZ-SPORTauto”)