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Chronicle of “Silk way-2011”. It is time to draw up results.

It seems, that our preliminary information has confirmed — at the acceptance of information at 22.30 (Moscow time) organizers of “Silk way” announced: “We have canceled the last “Maykop-Sochi” SU.

True, that after summarizing the results of briefing on Friday organizers declared possibility of alternative option – but still no exact information about it. It is sounds strange, that rally, which has been preparing 3 months can change now its rout. 

Now we can say for sure, that if they cancel next stage, the rally results will be published in today total table. Many teams are satisfied with this option, because technique, racers, mechanical engineer are mostly very exhausted, that is why our neighboring crew with Chinese racer already drink champagne in festive mood and arise many toasts to success. 

       But our team is a little bit disappointed, because its vehicles just stop to brake and start non-stop drive in the end of this stage! It must be said, that we obtained enough information for future development strategy of our team.

      Pavel Kozlovskiy
      ABW.BY (Informational partner MAZ team “MAZ-SPORTauto”)