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Chronicle of “Silk way-2011”. At a fast pace in the last but one day of rally.

Rally “Silk way 2011” is going to terminate. It seems that just yesterday the column of trucks and off-road vehicles was passing through the arch of Red Square, and today participants have run the last but one stage. And they have to overcome the last trial – tomorrow short way to Jalta. 



Belorussian team still is in a body – both vehicles MAZ -5309RR successfully have finished at a fast pace the last but one stage. The lieder, crew № 328, although yesterday incident regarding the vehicle fall on the side and subsequent problems, today again have shown worthy result. On the basis of day, the pilot, Aleksander Vasilevskiy, have lead the crew to the 15th place in total. This fact let to move to the 18th place of rally rating. “If we had not fell yesterday we would have affiliated to the top ten”- regrets Alexander.

The second crew’s result is not so outstanding: after finish of the stage at th18th place in total, vehicle № 333 got the 23th place. True, now, after the finish, as boys said, that on the second CU, close to the finish, brakes broke down and, as a result, 11 ton MAZ pulled in to the side of the road, tearing the barrier ribbon.

Now mechanics are preparing vehicles for the start. Truck body problems of № 328 vehicle were only yesterday that’s why, as usual, syringing, oil change….But local people set a rumour, that the last DOP near Sochi could be canceled because of prior heavy rains, which raised the river level. The organizers continue keep silence and if this stage is canceled, we will be informed about it not earlier 20.00, when the final briefing starts. So we are waiting and we hope that this stage will not be cancelled and Byelorussian pilots will terminate the rally at a fast pace! 

Pavel Kozlovskiy
ABW.BY (Informational partner MAZ team “MAZ-SPORTauto”)