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MAZ vehicles at the International Salon of trucks and commercial vehicles TIR'2011

Minsk Automobile Plant took part in the International Salon of industrial and commercial vehicles TIR'2011,which took place in Kiev, Ukraine from 28 to 30 September.The exhibition has been held seven times and established itself as an effective platform to promote productsand demonstrate the latest achievements in the field of engineering.

The exposition of Minsk Automobile Plant was presented by trucks MAZ-5440B9, MAZ-5440A9; MAZ-6440RA and bus MAZ 241. New developments of Minsk Automobile Plant aroused great interest among the visitors.

     MAZ-5440B9 corresponds at technical and environmental parameters to the international standard Euro-4. Vehicle has an engine ЯМЗ-651.10. The main feature is a new cab interior. Considering that vehicle is designed for long journeys, were created favorable conditions for the driver:air sprung seat provides a comfortable location, new instrument panel more ergonomic and easier to use.Vehicle is equipped with air conditioning with automatic temperature maintenance, GPS-navigator.

       Attractive design and a comfortable cabin arrangement combined with a reasonable price make the MAZ-5440V9 interesting for a wide range of customers.

       Bus of small class MAZ 241 is designed for suburban and interurban transportation, for corporate and tourism travel.Cabin ventilation is carried out through the sunroof, sliding vents, roof fans.

       To create a comfortable microclimate also provides a distributed system with individual ventilation airflow panels for passengers.The driver's seat has multiple adjustments, including memory positions for several drivers.

       The bus is equipped with a 4-cylinder Cummins engine Euro-4 standard. Front axle suspension — dependent, spring-air, with two telescopic shock absorbers.Suspension of the rear axle — dependent, spring-air, with two telescopic shock absorbers. Bus is equipped with antilock braking system and traction control systems.

       Special interest among the visitors brought MAZ-6440RA, the latest development of plant’s designers with front engine layout. Modern, powerful, reliable vehicle is used in hitch with a semi-trailer MAZ-975830 and is designed to transport over long distances.

       MAZ-6440 impresses with its design and performance characteristics.

Engine MMZ D-283.4E4-22, V8, 600 h.p. capacity corresponds to environmental standard Euro-4. Vehicle has an automatic gearbox Allison 4500R. Length of train (18.45 m) does not exceed the allowable size of the Republic of Belarus. Vehicle is equipped with cruise control, digital tachograph, power sunroof cab with electric mirrors and electric heating, air conditioning system with electric shutters,Vehicle Stability Control, guards headlights, air conditioning, luxury seats, a refrigerator, lights entrance in the cabin, two sleeping places.

The exposition of the Minsk Automobile Plant appreciated the organizers of the exhibition and awarded grand prize for their participation and diploma “For the extensive range of automotive and passenger vehicles, provided at the motor show.”