05 February 2020 в 10:59:57/MAZ, NEWS

The annual NAIS exhibition-forum is held in Moscow from February 5 to February 6. The development vectors and the latest technologies for airlines and other aviation enterprises are presented here.

Experts and top officials of airports and airlines in Russia and abroad meet with manufacturers and suppliers of various solutions for the development and modernization of the aviation industry infrastructure on this site.

Traditionally, the NAIS exhibition is held with the support and participation of the Ministry of Transport of Russia and the Federal Air Transport Agency and dedicated to The Civil Aviation Day.



One of the key vectors of the industry till 2025 is the development of regional air harbors. According to statements of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transport officials, at least 65 regional airports will be reconstructed or rebuilt by 2025.

According to the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation E.I. Dietrich modernization processes today are priority tasks for the development of the aviation industry. Aviation is actively involved in solving economic and social problems, providing connectivity of the territory and mobility of citizens.

In order to provide people with affordable safe flights, comfortable infrastructure, modern services at airports and in the air, as well as to build fleet management processes efficiently and subsidize air carriers, it is necessary to take active measures and focus on the development of interregional routes in remote regions.

To carry out such tasks, special equipment of Minsk automobile plant was designed.



The first airport bus MAZ 171 manufactured by Minsk automobile plant became an international sensation, as the manufacturers of such class buses could be counted on the fingers of one hand at that time. Over the years of MAZ 171 production, this model was the only bus of such type manufactured in the CIS countries. Gradually, it became the face of many airports from Minsk to Vladivostok.



The novelty of 2020 – the low-floor bus MAZ 271 – is one of the best models from leading manufacturers today. Sophisticated technical solutions made it possible to provide visual comfort inside the cabin and increase the number of seats. 6 seats are installed in the MAZ 171 cabin, and the new MAZ 271 model can be equipped with 8 or 14 seats, depending on customer requirements.

MAZ 271 is characterized by a modern ergonomic design of the driver’s workplace, providing a comfortable environment, combining a comfortable seat, safety steering column, electronic displays that demonstrate everything that happens around the bus and inside the cabin.



When creating the new MAZ 271 airport bus, the technical specialists of Minsk Automobile Plant made an emphasis to passengers' and driver's comfort in addition to environmental friendliness and reliability. The bus is equipped with a Euro-5 Daimler engine, six-gears automatic transmission, powerful air conditioning, comfortable seats and LED lights. The previous model of MAZ 171 airport bus was equipped with a 4-cylinder Deutz engine, while the new model has a 6-cylinder engine, which allows the use of powerful air conditioners in the cabin and driver's cab.

During the exhibition, the stand of Minsk Automobile Plant was visited by Alexander Vasilyevich Neradko, the head of the Federal Agency for Air Transport, as well as by representatives of airports, aviation and logistics companies who talked with the heads of commercial departments and representatives of the passenger vehicles equipment sales service.