24 January 2020 в 10:33:52/MAZ, NEWS

Minsk automobile plant assembled a new generation bus – MAZ 271 for airports. A huge shuttle was presented at the airport of Boryspil, though an interest had been arising on the world market long before the premiere.

The new bus turned out to be stylish: a slender silhouette in the shape of a sharpened pencil,
wide cabin with panoramic windows, doors on both sides. LED headlights takes attention, and there are no rear-view mirrors – a screen and video-cameras are used instead of them. The novelty has gone far ahead of its predecessor – MAZ 171 bus. Moreover, Minsk Automobile Plant hasn't created anything similar before.

The new shuttle is huge: length is 14.48, width is 3.19, and height is 3.25 meters. An interior accommodates up to 112 people. People can enter bus through double doors – three along both sides. When landing, a kneeling system is triggered and the floor tilts. A special ramp is provided for people in a wheelchair. Boarding and unboarding of passengers occurs quickly, so that no one waits on the street.



Important element: exhaust pipes are installed on both sides of the bus, but when the door is opening, the pipe is blocked from this side. So exhaust gas comes out through the pipe from the opposite side, thus allowing passengers to breath fresh air.

There are not many seats for passengers – only 8. Optionally, the plant can supply additional rows, but airports lean towards standing places for now. The cabin has a lot of light due to large windows, and in the evening the LED backlight turns on. "Weather" is also under control: a powerful air conditioner cools the interior in the heat and warms in the cold. There are heaters in case of severe weather.



The bus is powered by a 238 horsepower Daimler Euro-5 engine, which accompanied with an Allison automatic transmission. The engine compartment is combined with the driver's cab, and a drive goes to front wheels. Fiberglass was widely used during shuttle construction. Many elements were made from it.



''New airport bus is implemented according to world standards. Moreover, it can become one of the best buses in the world because of its characteristics. Everything is new here: from exterior to filling. Particular emphasis is placed on environmental friendliness, reliability and comfort for passengers and a driver,'' noted MAZ representatives.

''We already see that the bus is great. The first orders confirm this. A new model has a big potential in foreign markets.''



The novelty is shown in an Boryspol airport with a participation of MAZ's general director Valeriy Ivankovich and the head of International airport ''Boryspol'' Pavel Ryabikin. Five more units of MAZ 271 bus will be brought here in the next half-year. MAZ has already delivered 5 city MAZ 203 buses to Kiev in the end of a past year. All in all, the Ukrainian market became the second largest for Minsk automobile plant. Since 2005, the Belarusian flagship has delivered 1,500 units of passenger vehicles to this country. Every year, Ukrainian regions buy about 250 MAZ buses.