Two Belarusian crews have finished the eighth stage of Dakar-2017 in the top-10, and A. Vasileuski's crew is on the seventh position in the general ranking . 

It was a double test for the competitiors – the mountains were followed by rivers' beds and dunes. The tracks were full of water due to the constant heavy rains. That's why the administration decided not to risk with competitors' lifes and almost twice shortened the special.

S. Viazovich is at the 6th line. The best time has M. Van den Brink (NDL) at Renault who is ahead the Belarusian for 6 minutes approx. The second place is taken by the Argentinian F. Villagra, followed by E. Nikolaev and D. Sotnikov from KAMAZ team. 

In general ranking the situation is following: S. Viazovich is  at the 16th place, while the first place is taken by D. Sotnikov. The time gap between these two positions  is 3h. 26 min. The second place is taken by E. Nikolaev and the third place is take by G.de Rooy.

A.Vasileuski despite the tyre puncture has finished the stage at the 10th line with 2h,4 min. and a time gap – 9 minutes. In general ranking this crew is at the seventh position with time gap 1 h.42 min.

The stage was less successful for A. Vishneuski. Due to the problems with fuel sytem it took him 2h.55 min. to finish the special. In general ranking he is at the 20th place with 5h.42 min time gap from the Russian driver.

"We are satisfied with the result: А. Vasileuski firmly enters top-10 and now our task is to save and improve his position. Unfortunately, the administration cancells the stages and  shortens the specials. On the one hand these are safety reasons that are above everything,  on the other- everyone has been preparing for hard  conditions. If there is an opportuity, we will try to reduce the time gap by all means", – underlined  MAZ-SPORTauto leader S. Viazovich.

A massive landslide caused by thunderstorms happened this morning at 10.30am on the road used to join the bivouac, 40 kilometers north of Jujuy, 160kms away from Salta, hitting the village of Volcan. According to the Argentinian civil security, victims are deplored in the population and considerable damage has been observed.

The organization offered its sanitary facilities to reinforce the local safety support on site. As the road is cut off, most of the vehicles, competitors, assistance and logistics from the Dakar caravan were diverted on an alternative route through San Antonio de los Cobres, extending the distance of the liaison by about 200 km. They will not be able to reach the Salta bivouac in time to start the race.
A number of larger vehicles will not be able to use that road either.
The day will be devoted to regroup the race caravan in Chilecito to continue the event by giving the start on the 12th of January of stage 10, between CHILECITO and SAN JUAN.