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The history of “MAZ-SPORTauto” team began with participation in the international rally-raid “Silk Way-2010”. The serial all-wheel drive truck  MAZ-5309 was taken as the basis for the sports truck. And after that, on December, 1,  2010 by the initiative of JSC “MAZ” General Director Aleksandr Barouski, an order was signed to create a sports team.

During its existence, “MAZ-SPORTauto” team took part in 36 races of both national and international levels, in 19 of which it became a prize winner or champion.

In 2012, crews of Aleksandr Vasilevsky and Alekasndr Palishchuk participated in “Dakar” international rally marathon for the first time. Vasilevsky’s truck finished on the 31st place, the second crew rolled over in the dunes, and after that it could not continue the race.

“Dakar-2013” was more successful: in Trucks class, the crew of Aleksandr Vasilevsky became the 21st, the crew of the debutant Siarhei Viazovich finished on the 27th position. “Silk Way-2013” was successful when the crew of Siarhei Viazovich took the 3rd place.

Three crews went to “Dakar-2014”: S. Viazovich (11th place), A. Vasilevsky (31st), A. Palishchuk (retired).

All three “MAZ-SPORTauto” trucks reached the finish line of “Dakar-2015”. A. Vasilevsky closed Top-10, the crew of S. Viazovich became 34th,  V. Vasilevsky took the 41st place.

“Dakar-2016” was unsuccessful for two crews who retired from the race due to technical difficulties, the truck of Vladimir Vasilevsky finished on the 25th position.

“Dakar-2017” was the debut for the young pilot Aliaksei Vishneuski. He climbed to the 21st place, the crew of S.Viazovich finished 13th and A. Vasilevsky showed the best result in the team taking the 6th position.

The anniversary 40th Dakar took place in 2018 along an extremely difficult route through Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Of 44 truck crews that started in the race, only 19 vehicles were able to reach the finish line. And the fact that all three vehicles of “MAZ-SPORTauto” team finished the race is already a reason to be proud. But the main achievment of the Belarusians is that S.Viazovich’s crew took the 2nd place in the overall standings. A. Vasilevsky became 13th, A. Vishneuski was the 14th.

Also that year, the odds were not against the team during “Turkmen Desert Race” rally in Turkmenistan, where Siarhei Viazovich became the best.

In 2018, the team presented a new generation of bonnet truck.

“Dakar 2019” turned out to be difficult. But, despite all the malfunctions, two of three crews finished in Top-10: the crew of S. Viazovich finished the race in the 6th position, A. Vasilevsky became the 8th, A. Vishneuski reached the 11th place.

In April 2019, “MAZ-SPORTauto” hit almost the entire podium: S. Viazovich boldly won “Morocco Desert Challenge” rally, competing on the bonnet truck for the first time, the crew of A. Vishneuski became the 3rd. Following the trails of this race, team boss Siarhei Viazovich will later note: “Everything went smoothly, without any accidents. And this is all along the 2700-kilometer route! ”

In 2020, “Dakar” took place in Saudi Arabia, and for the first time “MAZ-SPORTauto” team competed in this rally-raid on a bonnet truck. This vehicle showed the best result, becoming a bronze winner.

Over the past nine years, the team has been able to build 6 four-generation sports trucks. A non-stop work is underway to modify the design, reduce weight and improve crew working conditions. First two generations of race trucks used the engines of Yaroslavl and Tutaevsk plants. Since 2015, the third generation trucks are equipped with Gyrtech engines of the Czech company “Buggyra”. In 2018, the bonnet truck was introduced as the representative of the fourth generation vehicle.

“MAZ-SPORTauto” is one of the most powerful world-class teams that can withstand rivals on rally-raid routes and achieve high results.