JSC “MAZ” provides the following services:

- Various kinds of works on repairing and rebuilding heavy trucks and light vehicles; 
- Auto cranes technical servicing and repair; 
- Surface preparation for coloring and coating;
- Welding and repairing works, lathe, grinding, mechanical, milling works;
- Spare parts manufacturing according to customers’ drawings and blanks cutoff;
- Metal fabrication;
- Spare parts and materials thermal and surface impregnation; 
- Passenger and cargo transportation;
- Laboratory researches and tests of metals and materials;
- Manufacturing products for a summer cottage;
- Specialists professional development and enrichment;
- Family vacation and health improvement;
- Medical services on a paying basis;
- Non-liquid output (thermo electroplating industry).
You can check out the complete list of the provided services below:
You are welcome to contact us by phone: 242-36-06, fax: 242-94-95 
or at the address below:
Minsk, Shosseynaya str., 17(“Zubranya” store)
Our office hours are from 10.00 to 6.00