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August. A Decree on Auto Assembling Plant organization in Minsk wass taken by the State Defense Committee.

September. An order on Auto Assembling Plant building in Minsk was issued by the USSR People's Commissar on Medium Machinery Construction. I.F. Tolkunoff is appointed on the position of the plant’s Director.



August. A Decree of the State Defense Committee «On reconstruction and improving of the automobile industry in the USSR» was issued. A decision on building of the heavy automobiles production plant in Minsk was taken.






First five trucks MAZ-205 were assembled in the experimental workshop with the aim of participation in the parade on November, 7th




February. The first experimental model of MAZ-200 and first models of towed machinery are sent to Moscow for the approval in the Ministry of Automobile Production.





December. The start of the first main conveyor. The group of leading experts from Minsk and Yaroslavl Automobile Plants was awarded by the USSR State Reward for creation of a new soviet diesel truck.




The first experimental sample of 25-tons dump-truck MAZ-525 was assembled. First foreign supplies: dump-trucks MAZ-205 were sent as a gift to the Polish nation for Warsaw restoration.




A production of MAZ-200 trucks with a side platform and tractor trucks on their base was settled. 



MAZ produced the 10000th truck.



December. The first timber-carrying truck MAZ-501 was assembled.






The first industrial lot of MAZ-502 trucks with the improved cross-country ability was produced.




March. An experimental race of the first sample of MAZ-530 40-tons dump truck was accomplished.


November. The samples of MAZ-500 and MAZ-503 trucks that had been designated to replace the first family of trucks MAZ-200 were assembled at Minsk Automobile Plant.




May. The 100000th MAZ truck was produced at the enterprise.





An experimental assembling of truck tractors MAZ-504 was realized at the main conveyor.




March. The 200 000th MAZ truck came down from the conveyor of Minsk Automobile Plant.




December. The last MAZ-205 truck of the first family of MAZ dumping trucks was assembled. A complete change over the production of MAZ-500 family trucks was achieved.



August. Minsk Automobile Plant was awarded by Lenin order.



A serial production of new modernized trucks MAZ-500A was begun.



January. Minsk Automobile Plant was rewarded by the Order of October Revolution.



An experimental sample of the truck tractor MAZ-6422 was assembled.



A production association “AvtoMAZ” was created on the base of Minsk Automobile Plant, auto aggregate plants in Baranovichi, Osipovichi and Kaliningrad and also Minsk spring plant. 



May. The 500000th MAZ truck came down from the main conveyor.
September. A production association “BelavtoMAZ” was created on the basis of “AvtoMAZ” union enterprises and Belarusian and Mogilev automobile plants.



The first dump truck MAZ-5549 from the new family of MAZ-5335 trucks was assembled.



January. Minsk Automobile Plant was awarded by the second Lenin Order.
The first side board truck MAZ-53352 was assembled.



May. The first truck tractor of a new promising family MAZ- 6422 was assembled at the main conveyor.



April. A 1000th truck of the MAZ-6422 family was assembled and a 4000th trailer MAZ-93971.



April. A one million MAZ truck was assembled. That was a truck tractor MAZ-64221. An experimental sample of the famous concept car MAZ-2000 “Perestroyka” was created.



A production of new triaxial MAZ-64221and biaxial MAZ-54321 truck tractors was assimilated.
August. The first experimental sample of a side-board truck “Volat”, created on the basis of MAZ multiaxial four-wheel-drive truck tractors was assembled.



Minsk Wheel Tractors Plant was detached from the structure of Minsk Automobile Plant on the basis of the department on special wheel tractors production, the second department of the chief designer and experimental workshop №2.



An assembling of the new timber-carrying truck trailers MAZ-5434 was begun at the main conveyor.
Bus production was opened in the structure of Minsk Automobile Plant.
An assembling of MAZ-53366 trucks was begun.



The first experimental sample of a biaxial truck tractor of MAZ-6430 family was assembled.
The first city low-floor bus under the license of the German company Neoplan was assembled at the bus production of Minsk Automobile Plant.



   February. The first four-wheel-drive truck MAZ-6317 came off the main assembling conveyor.

After the successful passing of accepting and exploitation testing in automobile parks of the Republic of Belarus a new model of MAZ-5440 range was recommended for the serial production.




March. The first magistral truck tractor MAZ-54421 of a new trucks family, fully corresponding to all European requirements to heavy-load trucks designed for the international transportations was assembled. 
December. An agreement on creation of “MAZ-MAN”, the joint Belarusian-German Enterprise on truck production, was signed. The documents regarding the creation of the joint venture on production distribution “MAZ-MAN Trading” were also signed at this period.


The first truck of the joint enterprise “MAZ-MAN” was assembled.




The presentation of the first truck MAZ-544008 with YAMZ-7511 engine corresponding to Euro-2 requirements was hold on.


The 1000th truck MAZ-103 was assembled at Minsk Automobile Plant.


A group of plant’s specialists was awarded by a State prize of the Republic of Belarus for construction and adoption of the city, suburban and interurban buses production.


The serial production of the middle passenger capacity buses MAZ-256 was begun.  



MAZ had presented the first Belarusian platform bus MAZ-171 for passengers transportation in airports. 
The first middle-capacity articulated lorry composed of МАZ-447131 truck tractor and МАZ-931020 semi-trailer was assembled.


The first bus responding to the ecological requirements Euro-4 was assembled. That was MAZ 203076, a city low-floor bus of the second generation.





A serial production of the truck tractor МАZ-544019 Euro-4 was begun. A new articulated lorry accumulated the best achievements of the modern machinery engineering according to the level of the design, comfort and safety, ecology, technical operating parameters.
The first truck, equipped with the newest engine that works at CNG fuel was presented. A side-board truck MAZ-534003 with a gas engine — was a result of the joint project of Minsk Automobile Plant and its official dealer in Czech Republic “Trado Holding” Company.





February. A Republican Unitary Enterprise “Minsk Automobile Plant” was reorganized into the joint-stock company. The jubilee 10 000th bus was assembled. That was a low-floor bus MAZ 206. 
The presentation of MAZ bus equipped with an engine working at CNG took place in Serbia. That was the first bus equipped with gas engine.




The sport truck MAZ-5309RR intended for participation in international rally “Silk Way” was assembled. 
An order of the General Director concerning creation and certification of the dump truck MAZ-6501V6, Euro -5 was issued.
The first samples of a dump-truck MAZ-656076 and truck chassis MAZ-536074, designed for the roads with left-side driving were created. July. 





August. The presentation of the exclusive hood truck MAZ-6440РА in a composition of the articulated lorry with MAZ-975830 trailer took place. The truck was equipped with a new Euro-4 engine designed at Minsk Motor Plant, with 600 h.p. capasity. Up to 90% of the component parts are domestically produced.
The presentation of an innovation - a school bus MAZ-241 - also took place that year.



At the areas of the small series workshop of the bus plant a new painting assembly was put into operation. 
Grodno Mechanical Plant had entered the production union “BelavtoMaz”. 
The President of the Republic of Belarus had signed the decree № 195, according to which 27 employees were honored a medal “For Labor Merits” and other awards. The General Director Alexander Borovskiy was awarded by The Order of Honour. 
JSC «МАZ» was registered as a managing company of “BelavtoMAZ” holding. A new institution, Centre of Prospective Innovations started to function on the base of Scientific-Technical Centre.  
  The presentation of a truck for communal waste taking-out МАZ-6902В5 «Sappfire» was held.
The presentation of a triaxial dump-truck grain-carrier МАZ-650108 was held.





JSC “MAZ” was given a certificate, corresponding to the international requirements of ISO 9001:2008 for trucks and buses designing, production and service. 
MAZ 203965 bus with an engine working at CNG (methane) was presented for the first time  at XII international specialized exhibition «COMTRANS 2013» held at «Crocus Expo» international exhibition centre in Moscow. 



A special truck designed for the implementation of business meetings during the exhibitions was assembled at “Automobile Trailers and Bodies Plant “MAZ-Kupava”. It was based on МАZ-4371W1-440-000 chassis.



 Autocrane MAZ КS-55727-К-12 «Zoubr» is honored the best product of the largest exhibition in Volga region for road and transport "DorTransExpo - 2015".

Gas bus МАZ 103965 is honored the best city bus. 

A new sport truck fully corresponding to the latest requirements of the rally-race DAKAR was assembled for the participation in "DAKAR-2016" rally.


A new garbage truck - MAZ chassis  with European equipment GeesinkNorba.
The first МАZ 203088 bus of the ecological class Euro-6 is deliverd to Germany to the official MAZ representative – «MAZ Nutzfahrzeuge GmbH»company.
A new side-board truck МАZ-6310Е9 is designed for different cargos  transportation.
A new generation dump truck МАZ-6516М9 (wheel arrangement 8х4) is designed for different loose cargos transportation.
A fifth-wheel truck MAZ-5440Е9 is designed for the work in compound as long-haul vehicle for the international and intercity transportation. 


Minsk Automobile Plant constructed buses with a lesser cabin width for Vietnam – a new model MAZ 208.
Zoomlion company builds a large plant on assembling of the equipment for Belarusian-Chinese special vehicles together with Minsk Automobile Plant. Suspended Chinese equipment for municipal and road-building vehicles will be produced near Minsk.
MinskAutomobile Plant assembled the first bus with an increased passability for country-side schools. This bus is designed for transportation in lack-off-roads conditions and overcoming sands, puddles and snowdrifts.
Minsk Automobile Plant will produce its own engines in cooperation with Weichai Power company. The engines will be produced at the new motor plant, that will be built in 2019 in Belarusian-Chinese Industrial Park «Great Stone» near Minsk.
 Firts time ever a unique "Super Vacuum-cleaner" was presented in Moscow at «WasteTech-2017» exhibition – a sweeping cleaning vehicle MAZ-5917В2-F10. This special vehicle was assembled in cooperation with a German company  «Faun»and is able to clean city roads and streets in a short time period.


Fuelling tank truck is a truck for transportation and fuelling of liquified carbon gases. 16 cube meters tank of  the fuelling truck allows transportation and keeping  of the liquified natural gas  for a long perioa at the temperature –196 °C  while resisting pressure in 1.6 MPa.  Control panel and meters make this fuelling tank truck a great substitution  to the stationary gas fuelling station at the places where its building is impractical. 

Sergey Viazovich's crew became the silver winner of the famous rally-raid DAKAR overcoming  9000 km. 4000 km  among them were special areas.

For the last 20 years Mercedes Benz Powertrain supplied more than  19 000 engines for MAZ trucks and buses. The model range of the engines covers all Mercedes-Benz diesel engines of  middle and high power of all emission classes and  gas Mercedes engines as well. Starting from 2014 the mututal cooperation between MAZ and Mercedes Benz Powrtrain had been increased due to the introwduction of Mercedes Benz transmissions and axles in MAZ vehicles.