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"HOT LINE" on theft, corruption and fraud counteraction

Compliance with the requirements of legislation and internal regulations is a priority for JSC "MAZ" - the managing company of "BELAVTOMAZ" holding.

In order to prevent illegal actions inside our enterprise there is a hotline operating at MAZ that is aimed at timely detection and prevention of theft, corruption and fraud. Employees of the holding company and counterparties, as well as the third parties can use it to report on violations of laws or internal regulations.

List of cases covered by the hotline:

- theft or misuse of property and assets;
- receiving bribes;
- the existence of an interest conflict among the employees of the holding and counterparties;
- distortion of accounting (financial) and management reporting;
- illegal financial transactions.

When processing messages, we guarantee a complete confidentiality.

When calling the hotline:

Indicate the department where the violation occurred.
Give a characterization of the violation and indicate the known facts.
Give an estimate of possible damage or other additional information.
Give your name (optional).
Specify contact details (optional).
Hot line number: +375 17 217-97-97